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November 15, 2021
cricket on a leaf

Fun And Fascinating Facts About The Texas Cricket

Sure, you might think this tiny little pest is small and boring but we bet there are fascinating things about cricket that you don't know. Read on and discover the amazing world of the cricket and how you can go about keeping these enlightening yet pesky insects out of your home with perimeter pest control and other means.
October 11, 2021
texas lawn in the sun

5 Problems Your Texas Lawn Could Experience In Fall Or Winter

In the cooler parts of the year, North Texas lawns can experience a variety of problems; namely, stress and disease. If your lawn is suffering from one or more of these ailments, the experts at Gro Lawn can help!
September 7, 2021
fountain grass

Five Drought-Resistant Plants to Make Your Fort Worth Lawn Stand Out

Living and working in Fort Worth, Texas, we are used to dealing with drought and having year-round water restrictions. Add on to that our warm temperatures and dry climate, and maintaining trees and shrubs on your landscape can get quite difficult. To help you design your perfect landscape, Gro Lawn has developed a list of five drought-resistant plants that will make your landscape pop. Add on our tree and shrub care services, and your property will be the talk of the neighborhood.
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