How To Keep Your Bird Baths and Win The War on Mosquitoes

bird in a bird bath

Along with bird feeders, birdbaths are a great way to attract a large number of birds to your yard. The best thing about birdbaths is that they are simple. Anything that can hold a few inches of water can be turned into a birdbath. You can even make it a fun family project to put one together. However, birdbaths attract more than just birds and butterflies. Birdbaths also create the perfect breeding ground for bloodthirsty mosquitoes. 

Everyone knows that mosquitoes breed in standing water but what most people don’t realize is that their birdbaths are the ideal mosquito nursery. So how can you keep your bird baths without letting the mosquitoes win? Check out these simple tricks that will keep your feathery friends happy while winning the war on mosquitoes.

Agitate the Water

One way to keep your birdbaths from being ruined by female mosquitoes is to avoid keeping your water stagnant. A birdbath with stagnant water is an attractive home for mosquitoes to lay eggs, but one with moving water is not. The fact is, mosquitoes cannot lay their eggs when water is in motion. Armed with this knowledge, we recommend adding an agitator to your birdbaths. An agitator “agitates” the water, keeping it in constant motion. The birds won’t mind, but the mosquitoes will steer clear.

Good Old Fashioned Cleaning

The cheaper way to protect your birdbaths from mosquitoes is by cleaning it regularly.

All you need are a few common household items you probably already have.

  • Garden Hose
  • Wire Brush
  • Rubber  Gloves
  • Cleaner (Bleach Solution)

To make the cleaning solution, mix one-part chlorine bleach with nine parts water and mix in the basin of the birdbath. You may want to clean the birdbath on gravel or concrete as the solution will kill your grass if spilled.

For a non-bleach mixture, mix one-part white vinegar with nine-parts water in the basin.

Use the mix and wire brush to scrub and clean all surfaces of the basin by following the instructions below.

  • Remove the basin and dump out the water
  • Use the hose to give it a good rinse
  • Use the cleaning solution to scrub clean
  • Use the wire brush to remove stuck-on seeds or other debris
  • Allow the cleaning solution to soak for several minutes
  • Pour out and rinse thoroughly with the garden hose
  • Allow to dry, place the basin back on the pedestal, and fill with water

Use Mosquito Dunks

You wouldn’t want to use harsh chemicals in your birdbath, but you can treat it with insecticides that kill mosquitoes yet are safe for birds and other wildlife. You can usually find them online or in any garden center near you. Look for products that contain Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis or BTI. The dunks are effective for up to 30 days.

Employ Natural Predators

Natural mosquito hunters like bats, dragonflies, swallows, and fish can help with mosquito control. These organisms love to feed on adult mosquitoes and larva. Place several birdhouses and bat houses around your yard to make mosquitoes think twice before choosing your yard to breed.

Your bird baths are now mosquito-proof, but what about the rest of your yard. There are many places mosquitoes can choose as an alternative to your birdbaths. Eliminate all standing water around your yard to prevent mosquitoes from using them.

Cleaning your birdbath is just one way to fend off the hordes of hungry mosquitoes. Check out these other strategies to keep your yard free of mosquitoes this year.

Call the Mosquito Pros at Gro Lawn

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