Mowing Guide

Bermuda Grass

  • Scalp, de-thatch, and bag lawn before April 1 every year
  • Don’t mulch clipping
  • Rake and bag all clippings
  • Mow lawn as short as possible without disturbing the soil
  • Mowing height .5”-2”
  • Reel type mower recommended
  • Frequency – every 2-7 days
  • For a greener turf and less stress, mow more frequently
  • Growth regular recommended for weekly mowing
  • Height of cut reset may be needed mid summer


  • Scalp, de-thatch, and bag before April 1 each year
  • Mowing frequency – every 4-10 days depending on desired turf thickness and color
  • Reel type mower recommended especially with Emerald Zoysia and other fine blade zoysia varieties.
  • Mowing height – .5”- 2.5”
  • Spring and fall de thatch recommended

St. Augustine

  • Mow short and bag clippings before April 1 each year. Don’t disturb the runners.
  • Rotary mower
  • Mowing height 2”-3”
  • Mowing frequency – every 4-7 days
  • Mow more often for healthier turf quality
  • Keep mower blades sharp
  • When conditions for disease are favorable, bag the clippings
  • Growth regulators not recommended

NOTE: St. Augustine is not a shade grass. Of the full sun grasses, St. Augustine tolerates the most shade.

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