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Lawn Care in North Richland Hills, TX

Dense, vibrant lawns that trigger admiring gazes don’t happen by accident. Gro Lawn is backed by decades of experience and passionate lawn care professionals who help you achieve the lush lawn you have always wanted—not by accident, but effortlessly.

Whether your yard is carpeted in Zoysia, St. Augustine, or Bermuda grass, every stunning landscape is accomplished by a lawn care program designed specifically for the turf it serves. That belief and desire to help homeowners create a beautiful yard they can be proud of led to the start of Gro Lawn in 2000. Great lawn care and great customer service go hand-in-hand. 

That is why we deliver every service—from lawn fertilization to grub control—with:

  • A free quote within minutes of service request.
  • Licensed, certified, and friendly lawn care experts.
  • Unbeatable knowledge of what it takes for your plants to thrive in North Richland Hills’ unique climate.
  • Uncompromising commitment to bring out the best in your grass.

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Lawn Care in North Richland Hills

It is our goal to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy, and well-maintained yard. Gro Lawn’s lawn care and tree and shrub care services offer lawn fertilization, weed control, and lawn disease treatment to cover essentials throughout the year. What separates our programs from those of other companies, however, is our familiarity with the warm-season grasses that grow in North Richland Hills. That’s why we offer specific programs for each grass type:

  • Zoysia Grass Program
  • Bermuda Grass Program
  • St. Augustine Grass Program

Expertly designed to strengthen your grass against threats particular to its type, each program includes custom-blended lawn fertilization, weed control, and disease inspection. If you don’t know what grass you have, we’ll find out and develop a lawn care plan that will make your yard greener and healthier than ever.

Lawn Aeration in North Richland Hills

Core lawn aeration is the process of loosening compacted soil and thatch that block your grassroots from receiving water, air, and nutrients from lawn fertilization. Having lawn aeration performed 1-2 times per year is especially important in North Richland Hills because of our area’s clay-heavy soil.

Signs You Need Lawn Aeration:

  • Compacted soil that’s tough to dig
  • Brown, weak grass
  • Water pooling in your yard
  • Spongy grass from poor drainage
  • Bald spots in your lawn

Our lawn aeration service reverses these issues to restore your lawn to its former glory. Our core aerator operators take great care to loosen the compacted barrier and create direct pathways for essential nutrients to reach your grassroots. Aside from strengthening your turf’s root system and fostering deeper growth, lawn aeration achieves that soft, bed-like grass that is perfect for yard games, stargazing, and making more memories outside.

Fire Ant Prevention in North Richland Hills

Fire ants can turn your backyard retreat into a warzone, and battling an infestation without a pest control professional won’t solve the problem. After all, a single fire ant colony outnumbers you by the hundreds of thousands.

Gro Lawn takes fire ant prevention as seriously as we take lawn care. Our 1-Year Fire Ant Prevention Program uses the most effective tools, equipment, and applications to protect you and your family. Plus, our fire ant treatment applications won’t interfere with your tree and shrub care routine or flowerbeds.

If you are experiencing a fire ant infestation, contact us today! We arrive onsite to assess the problem and develop a solution that fully eliminates fire ants from your property.

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Perimeter Pest Control in North Richland Hills

Gro Lawn has served North Richland Hills since 2000. That is long enough to be at an expert level when it comes to keeping pests outside where they belong. Our Perimeter Pest Control service is carried out by our licensed technicians and keeps the area’s most crafty home invaders from coming inside.

How Our Perimeter Pest Control Works

Each application creates a pest-proof border around the perimeter of your home. Our pest control experts focus on spraying your building’s foundation and target areas pests use as access points. In addition to providing complete, long-term protection, our perimeter pest control spray is:

  • Odorless and fast-acting.
  • Safe around family and pets.
  • Applied outdoors to keep insecticides out of the house.
  • Effective at killing pests and stopping breeding. 

Stop worrying about pests in your home, and contact Gro Lawn today!

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