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Lawn Care in Grand Prarie Texas

At Gro Lawn, it’s our goal to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy, well-maintained yard. Since 2000, we’ve saved our customers time spent on turf struggles and pest frustrations by providing professional lawn care services to the North Texas area.

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Lawn Care in Grand Prairie, Texas

At Gro Lawn, it’s our goal to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy, well-maintained yard. Since 2000, we’ve saved our customers time spent on turf struggles and pest frustrations by providing professional lawn care services to the North Texas area. From customized lawn fertilization programs, to tree and shrub care, to fire ant prevention and grub control, you can trust every job is done with:

  • Licensed and certified lawn specialists.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Workers skilled in their specific craft.
  • Extraordinary gratitude for and pride in our community.

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Lawn Care Programs in Grand Prairie

The difference between working with a national lawn service and a locally-owned and operated lawn care company like Gro Lawn is that our team of lawn care specialists has deep knowledge of Grand Prairie’s different grass types—knowledge that can’t be faked by an out-of-state chain. Our Lawn Care Programs are deliberately designed to meet the unique needs of North Texas’ most common grass types, and include:

Bermuda Grass Program

Our expert knowledge and first-hand experience prevents ailments unique to your heat-enduring Bermuda grass.

St. Augustine Grass Program

We understand the specific care needed to bring out the best thickness and color in your St. Augustine grass.

Zoysia Grass Program

Gro Lawn ensures Zoysia’s maximum resilience to drought and heat by caring for it correctly.

Lawn Fertilization Program

Did you know the wrong fertilizer could actually damage your lawn? Our lawn fertilization service starts with a professional soil test to ensure that won’t happen on our watch.

Weed Control and Disease Control Programs

Gro Lawn’s powerful treatments and expert solutions keep weeds and lawn diseases from ruining your yard and spreading to your neighbor’s.

Unsure what type of grass you have? We’ll tell you!

Gro Lawn begins every service with a lawn inspection to determine, not only what type of grass you’re working with, but also which fertilizer is best for your soil. First-time customers who sign up for one of our lawn care programs receive the 1st application for only $29.95. 

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Lawn Aeration in Grand Prairie

The truth is, if lawn aeration isn’t performed at least once per year on your turf, it’s impossible for any nutrients from lawn fertilization to reach your grass. The amount of traffic your lawn sees in a given year compacts your soil to the point grassroots are completely blocked from water, air, fertilizer, and sunlight.

Gro Lawn’s lawn aeration service clears this blockage by using a core aerator to remove plugs of compacted soil from your lawn, opening passages for your grass to drink up the benefits of your lawn care efforts. Once lawn aeration allows water, oxygen, and essential nutrients to nourish your grassroots again, you’ll notice:

  • Better water absorption, and your lawn requires less water overall.
  • Deeper root growth resulting in stronger grass.
  • Soft grass that’s more comfortable to play and lay on.
  • Impressive resilience against North Texas’ harsh climate.

Fire Ant Prevention in Grand Prairie

Gro Lawn doesn’t take fire ant control lightly. A fire ant colony can grow to infest the entire neighborhood, transforming the most beautiful yards into a minefield of dirt mounds and painful attacks. Rather than allow these aggressive insects to stop you from enjoying the grass between your toes, contact Gro Lawn for our 1-year Fire Ant Prevention Program.

We have the training, equipment, and experience to guarantee:

  • A professional assessment of your fire ant infestation.
  • A tailored solution that will get rid of fire ants on your Grand Prairie property.
  • A safe yard for your family and pets.

Grub Control in Grand Prairie

Grubs can quickly ruin your grass if left untreated. Grubs are the larval stage of beetles and cause damage by feeding on the roots of your grass. It’s best to call in Gro Lawn for grub treatment if you see any of the following signs:

  • Brown patches that won’t turn green no matter what you try.
  • Animals digging up your lawn.
  • Patches of grass that can be lifted from the dirt like a rug.
  • Soft/spongey turf.

If our assessment finds grubs, we will design a grub treatment plan to eliminate the grubs and bring your yard back to health.

Perimeter Pest Control in Grand Prairie

If you’ve had it with spiders, centipedes, ants, and other pests living rent free in your home and contaminating your food pantry, Gro Lawn’s Perimeter Pest Control delivers a solution that will have you enjoying a bug-free interior in no time. Perimeter Pest Control is an exceptionally effective way to keep invasive pests out of your house without introducing harmful insecticides indoors. It works by:

  • Spraying a barrier around your home that pests can’t cross.
  • Killing pests on contact and ending further breeding.
  • Using a specialized pest control spray that won’t disrupt your tree and shrub care routine or harm your pets.
  • Reducing existing infestations.
  • Providing long-lasting protection from pests entering your home.

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