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Gro Lawn is about more than just taking care of your grass, although we certainly do that. Our team will beautify your entire yard, adding serious value to your home. With a pristine place right out the door, you’ll have plenty of options to sit back and relax outdoors, entertain friends, and play with your family.

We are true professionals, with the licensing and credentials you can trust. Instead of selecting a yard service where they may not know how to properly manage whatever challenges you’re facing, place your confidence in us. We love serving the people of North Texas and intimately know the dynamics of caring for a yard in this unique climate. We’re highly familiar with what grass and plant types thrive in this climate, as well as what pests and weeds pose a challenge. In addition, we can test your soil and provide an exclusive fertilizer blend to address deficiencies.

Gro Lawn started in the home of Aaron Shehan in 2000. His love for lawn care and his desire to help his neighbors create a beautiful lawn they could be proud of guided him into his journey of learning and developing his craft and company. He wanted a company that provided great service to lawns and outstanding customer service. Aaron has accomplished this by hiring knowledgeable and hardworking technicians along with an office staff that is dedicated to each and every customer. One thing that sets us apart from other lawn care companies is each technician has their very own territory that they take great pride in seeing the fruits of the labor on the lawns. Unlike large corporate lawn care companies, we're locally owned and operated and we understand that without our happy customers we would not continue to grow and flourish.


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