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Common North Texas Broadleaf Weeds

  • CHICKWEED: germinates during the fall, grows during the winter, produces seed and then dies by early summer. Gro Lawn can control this weed with a pre-emergent weed control applied in early fall.

  • CLOVER: is a perennial broadleaf weed that sprouts in the fall. Established patches can be controlled with a post-emergent weed control. May be applied any time during the active growing season.

  • DANDELIONS: flowers from early spring through summer. Established plants can be controlled with a post-emergent weed control applied any time during the growing season.

  • GROUND IVY: spreads quickly. It's rapid growth will quickly choke-out desirable grass plants. We can control it with a spot treatment any time during the season.

  • HENBIT: sprouts in the fall, grows through the winter and early spring. Controlled with a special pre-emergence applied during early fall.

  • WILD ONION: a perennial weed that grows during the cooler months. Can be controlled with a post-emergence spray applied on a warm winter day. Wild Onions and Wild Garlic may require repeated treatments.